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DEEP Dive...
Your Writing Flow is Here

Calling all Black scholars! Looking for writing support? Tap in! 

Gratitude in abundance! Will be in touch soon!

The 808 Cure
an incubator for Black thought

Cipher Up! Scribe Tribe Sessions

Your membership includes weekly drop-in writers' meetings. Attend as many or as few as you'd like. Each session will begin and end with check-in and meditation. During the session, I'll offer a guided writing process to help you generate new work. You'll have space to connect with others in the writing cipher by sharing your research progress and writing generated during the meeting. I'll also pair you up with another writer to keep each other motivated in between our sessions.

Writing Inspiration & Accountability

You'll have access to me and each other via our Telegram group! I'll share inspirational writing quotes throughout your membership and send writing challenges and check-ins. Sign up to receive as many check-ins as you'd like. You can also use the space to keep each other motivated and share publication opportunities (which I'll share as well!)

three-strand cipher

for current doctoral students

approaching the writing of or already writing your dissertation

If you're anything like me, writing the dissertation is a process that takes up SO much mental and emotional space in life. Instead of shutting down your whole life, receive support to engage in the process in a holistically nourishing way. It's possible. I promise! 

for doctoral graduates

transforming the dissertation 

into a book

If you're in the place I find myself now, you've finished your dissertation only to find it sitting on the proverbial dust collecting shelf. You long to do something more with your work. You're in luck! As I'm going through this process myself, I'll share my own journey and process, providing a unique opportunity to be in community. 

for Black professionals

writing a first book to leverage the visibility of their expertise

So you're completely all the way done with your master's and/or doctorate degree. You're all that. Got the job. The accolades. And all the things. Yet, you still yearn to tell your story because the CV ain't cutting it. You know there's a book in you that will inspire the next generation of leaders. Join The 808 for a refreshing and holistic approach to getting your ideas into the world.

Tropical Leaves

Ready to Learn More?

I'd love to chat with you.

Click here for a free 30-minute consultation and more information!

Pebble Beach

“Somehow we do it.”

Amanda Gorman

 adrienne danyelle oliver  MFA, EdD,  is an interdisciplinarian extraordinaire committed to helping writers across the disciplines get their genius into the world. She is a poet-educator, hip hop scholar, plant-based human and lover all things musical, including a nice 808 bass line.

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