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Levels of Editing


Level 1. Basic Copyedit ($5,000)

A basic copy edit includes:

  • Making sure material is logical and understandable

  • Correcting continuity problems

  • Making sure sources are cited for all statistics and quotations

  • Flagging inaccuracies (including incorrect spelling of song or book titles, proper names, dates, or well-known facts—extensive fact-checking not supplied)

  • Formatting (APA, MLA or Chicago)


Level 2.  Moderate Copyedit ($7,000)

In addition to all services listed under the Basic Edit, these areas are also checked:

  • Redundancies

  • Sentence clarity

  • Word choice

  • Maintenance of tone/voice


With the Level 2 copyedit, the editor may make minor changes and suggestions for rewriting, but extensive corrections are done by the author.


Level 3. In-depth Copyedit ($10,000)

In addition to everything in the above levels, an in-depth copyedit also includes:

  • a review for consistency of style and mood or presentation of content

  • analysis of the point of view chosen for each scene (fiction)

  • cross-checking references, figures, tables, equations, etc. (nonfiction)

  • pointing out items that may require permission from the copyright holder


An in-depth copyedit may involve preparing a style sheet. For nonfiction, this would include the format for chapter titles, headings, subheadings, text, footnotes, etc. For fiction, a timeline and list of characters (with details such as hair and eye color, birthday, height/build, and any other details mentioned in the text). As your editor, I will make corrections and detailed recommendations, occasionally rewriting and reworking awkward or unclear sentences/paragraphs without altering the author’s intended meaning or style. 


*Payment plans available. All prices are for documents that are up to 200 pages. Additional pages are charged at the hourly rate of $150 per hour.

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