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I am a healing writing coach with a holistic approach to writing, editing and facilitating writing space for others. After many years writing in the academy, I came to see a need for my work. I have earned three master's degrees in the following: Technical Writing, Creative Writing and Education. My doctorate is in Educational Leadership. 

Dr. Adrienne Danyelle Oliver
aka Dr. A Oliver the Hip Hop Scholar

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 I help Black women and men to heal from the psychic wounds associated with racial and socioeconomic traumas, through guided journaling exercises and deep, judgement free listening, so that they can share their research with the world and contribute to the liberation of their communities.


My approach to editing and coaching is informed by hip hop aesthetics. Hip hop is a culture characterized by 10 distinct elements 


  • Graffiti Art

  • Deejaying 

  • Emceeing 

  • Breaking (b-boying/b-girling)

  • Knowledge

  • Street Fashion

  • Stree Entreprenuerialism

  • Street Language 

  • Beatboxing 

  • Health & Wellness 


Many are not aware of its culture, as mainstream society has chosen rap as the primary mode of interacting with hip hop. Increased corporatization and consumerism have led to a gross distillation and capitalization of this particular element. Higher education can help us critique what's happening. Rap has grown to a global phenomenon, which warrants a closer study of hip hop culture. 

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